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Prism Reflection Systems3D Laser ScanningLSS21-145NEW

3D Laser Scanner Sphere (LSS)

Geomaster different-diameter (100-230mm) shock-proof 3D Laser Scanning Sphere Kit LSS21 series with multiple adapters (Magnetic Base, Leica Adapter,Universal Adapter 5/8") for top-brand 3D Scanners Leica/Riegl/Faro/Trimble/Z+F/Topcon/Sokkia.

LSS21 Series: LSS21-100(Dia:100mm), LSS21-145(Dia:145mm),
LSS21-150(Dia:150mm),LSS21-200(Dia:200mm), LSS21-230(Dia:230mm)

Model: LSS21-145

1.Wide Field Applications
Precise geometrical designing and guaranteed manufacturing ensure accurate and efficient scanning from all directions; highly compatible with and widely used in all present top-brand 3D Laser Scanners such as Leica HDS series, Faro Focus series, Trimble FX series, Riegl VZ series, Z+F IMAGER series and so on. 

2.Different-diameter Scanning Reference Sphere (SRS)
(1)Large-format Sphere with different Diameters:
LSS21-100: Dia
:100mm (4"),  LSS21-145: Dia:145mm (5.7"),
LSS21-150: Dia:150mm (5.9"), LSS21-200: Dia:200mm (8"), LSS21-230: Dia:230mm (9")
(2)Shock-proof sphere Material: special Plastic combined with textured mats for super durability and coated with enhanced reflective properties (matte glare-reducing) for optimum reflectivity
(3)N.W.: 250g (only with Magnetic Mounting Base)

3.Diversified Connecting Adapters
1)Detachable Magnetic Mounting Base (MMB)
Special strong Magnetic Mounting Base (Thread: M8; Dia:300mm; N.W.: 00g) for fixing on various metal surfaces to respond to different working sites.

2)Leica-style Adapter (GAD50: N.W.: 41.30g) 
Male Thread into SRS and Leica-style end to mount on Prism Poles, Ranging Poles, GPS Poles or Tribrachs with Leica standard Stub.

3)Chrome-plated Universal Adapter (Univ-5/8)
Male Thread M8 into SRS and female Thread 5/8" to mount onto Prism Poles, Ranging Poles, GPS Poles,Tripods or Tribrachs with male Thread 5/8" or mount onto universal Prism Adapter with Dia:25mm

4.Packing Details
Each rugged,light-weighted and cushioned (pre-cut foam insert) Aluminum Carrying Case (ACC-21) contain 6 kits LSS21; each LSS21 includes 1pc Scanning Reference Sphere (SRS), 1pc detachable Magnetic Mounting Base (MMB) and 1pc Leica-style Adapter (GAD50) or 1pc Universal Adapter (Univ-5/8).

1)Qty per Shipping Carton: 6pcs; G.W.: 7kg
2)Size per Shipping Carton: 0.046cbm(54cm×39cm×22cm)
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