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LevelsAutomatic LevelGEO20B2 (B2320)NEW

Model: GEO20B2 (B2320)
1. Equivalent to Sokkia style: B2
2. Magnification: 32x
3. Standard Deviation for1km Double-Run Leveling: ±1.0mm (without Micrometer)
4. Objective Aperture: 42mm
5. Length of Telescope (from Objective to Eyepiece): 215mm

6. Image of Telescope: Erect
7. Shortest Focusing Distance: 0.3m
8. Field of View: 1°20"
9. Setting Time: 2"

10. Resolution Power: 3"

11. Reticule Style:
12. Compensator Type: Magnetic Damping
13. Working Range: ±15"
Setting Accuracy: ±0.3"/1'
15. Multiplication Constant: 100
16. Additive Constant: 0
17. Sensitivity of Circular Level: 8"/2mm
18. Coarse Sighting: Yes
19. Inner Horizontal Circle: Graduation: 360
º/1°or 400gon/1gon; Circle Diameter: 103mm
Ambient Temperature: -20°C ~+45°C

21. Water Protection Grade:JID Grade 4 (IPX6)
22. Recommended Staff: Please refer to "Leveling Rods & Bipods"
23. Recommended Tripod: Please refer to "Surveying Tripods"
24. Standard Accessories: Adjusting Pin,Desiccating Agent,Allen Wrench,Plumb Bob,
25. User Manual,Plastic Carrying Case (1.40kg,incl. all Accessories)
26. Shipping Info:
1) per Box: Qty: 1pc; G.W.:1.75~1.80kg; Size: 215mm
2) per Carton: Qty: 4pcs; G.W.:13kg; Size: 0.052cbm (61cm

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